Puzzle in the Gardens

An installation of cryptic works set in the trees of Princes Street Gardens (West & East), was exhibited in Edinburgh
15th July - 15th September 2018
My cryptic pieces embed landscape painting into the environment. Searching for and finding the pieces makes viewing a landscape painting interactive and personal. I like to think the artwork is self-effacing and quiet, just simply there. Created through a relationship to each tree over a period of time, these pieces are the result of integration and not imposition. The jigsaw pieces fit together, signifying the unity of the garden and the interconnectedness of living things. 

Here is an "artist's impression" map of the gardens with the location of the artworks marked:

I would like to thank the staff at Princes Street Gardens and the Forestry team for their invaluable help, support and enthusiasm for this project.

A Health and Safety note: Please do not climb the trees or attempt to reach the pieces!